The main strategy of the Kaduna Power Supply Company (KAPSCO) is to provide alternative power supply to the people of Kaduna State using sustainable energy solutions that can also create jobs and income for beneficiary communities. This is done either by utilizing transformers connected to the national grid (on-grid strategy) or by using clean/renewable energy (off-grid strategy).

KAPSCO on-grid strategy, include the provision of transformers to distribute electricity to customers all over the state. While this is managed by Kaduna electric, the provision of the transformers is done by KAPSCO. This is usually found in urban areas of the state, where development is higher than in rural areas. Also, in the urban areas, KAPSCO utilizes solar power to power streetlights and public buildings.

KAPSCO off-grid strategy, is to provide access to clean and sustainable electricity to the citizens of Kaduna. In the not-too-distant future, KAPSCO will be providing improved electric power to all the 221-primary health centers in the state, currently KAPSCO has improved healthcare delivery to over 180,000 patients annually across 34 PHCs through supply of uninterrupted clean power. Also, all Kaduna State government offices, rural general hospitals, 550 secondary schools, water works will benefit from KAPSCO’s off-grid 24-hour uninterrupted power production

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