1. The Kaduna Solar for Health program is a milestone project that has improved healthcare delivery to over 233,000 patients annually across 34 Primary Healthcare centers (PHCs) and 13 General Hospitals through the supply of 2.3MW of sustainable, uninterrupted solar power. It has also led to the recognition of Kaduna as the leading Statein Solar for Health in Nigeria by the Good Governance Group.<click to download Kaduna Solar for Health brochure>
  2. Through over 700 solar-powered streetlights, KAPSCO has provided illumination of 21km of roads in Kaduna leading to improved security and night-time economy.
  3. By virtue of our Energy Efficiency Drive most public offices in Kaduna North LG now consume less power using energy-efficient lighting, which has led to 20% savings in electricity bills.
  4. Through the Transmission sub-station for the Green Economic Zone (GEZ) KAPSCO has helped whet investor appetite and boost attractiveness of the GEZ with power infrastructure.
  5. The development of the Kaduna Energy Map, a visual planning tool for sustainable and reliable power to public facilities, was achieved through the Public Facility Energy Audit.
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